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Disgusted with Customer Service

New Arrival

My flight from San Antonio to Denver was cancelled due to weather.    The service at the airport was non-existent, with the Agent telling me I had to book another airline myself or wait 24 hours.  When I asked for assistance booking an outbound flight, I was told “Look lady, I have 300 people to help and you’re going to have to figure it out for yourself”.


I booked a flight to Denver on American, and got a refund for my outgoing trip.    While at the Southwest gate I confirmed that my return flight from Denver to San Antonio was not cancelled.   


Today I checked online and my return flight was also cancelled.   I’m stuck in Denver with no return flight.     I called Customer service and was told the hold time is 68 minutes.    68 Minutes is obscene.    Overall  the service was rude, non-helpful, and the Agent ended up cancelling my entire booking despite confirming that was not the case.   I’m scrambling to find a return flight.    


Re: Disgusted with Customer Service

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear of the trouble you have had with your trip.


I recommend you contact southwest on Twitter or you can also try the chat feature in the Southwest mobile app I have used it a few times and waited no more than a minute to get an agent. If your at the airport or near it they might be able to help as well.