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Drink coupons

Explorer C

Any reason why SW doesn’t sell drink coupons in the gate areas/terminals. It just seems it will save the flight attendants a lot of time inflight without the worry of asking for a credit card or remembering to charge someone.


I can see during short flights this can save a lot of time and hassle, not to mention giving the flight attendants some time back during these flights to do other things they may need to catch up on. 


If they can’t use them during the flight put a disclaimer or time frame of how long they last or maybe at the next stop they can  get a refund by showing the receipt. Put the time constraints in the gate area not in the air. Maybe have a drink coupon kiosk that is worked by an employee. 


Im sure there are others that mentioned something similar, not saying it’s the answer but an idea that may turn into something. 



Re: Drink coupons

Aviator A

Southwest used to see drink coupon booklets, but they stopped that for some reason years ago. You can however find many drink coupons for sale at a discount on Ebay -- although it's officially not allowed, Southwest doesn't seem to care about it.

Re: Drink coupons

Adventurer A

And if they started this policy, it would be great if the coupon was in electronic format like boarding passes,.  Saves paper and improves the process.  Maybe barcode so that the electronic credit card  equipment could read the bar code.  Frequent flier RR gift drink tickets could also be electronically delivered and used.  Looks like better inventory control, cost savings and maybe even increases the revenue so SW  bags always fly free in the future.