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Explorer C

Good Morning, wondering if alcohol is still being served on Southwest Flights. 


Re: Drinks

Aviator A

eventually, just not right now.

Re: Drinks

Explorer C

It's October.  How about now?

Can you tell I'm flying Southwest soon!?!

Re: Drinks

Frequent Flyer C

From a USA Today article dated September 10, 2021:


Southwest Airlines does not plan to resume onboard alcohol sales until at least January, according to a memo sent to flight attendants on Friday.

The timeline is tied to the extension of the federal mask mandate on airplanes and at airports.

"With the mask mandate being extended to January 18, 2022, there are no current plans to bring back alcohol prior to January 2022,'' Randall Miller, senior manager of inflight ops, initiatives and design said in the memo.

Re: Drinks

Aviator A

Alcohol hasn't been served since 2020 when COVID halted beverage service. Currently you can get a limited beverage service which includes 5 options: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Water, and Coffee. 


There has not been any announcement on when alcohol may return. 



Re: Drinks

Adventurer B

I hope they honor the 50 -odd drink coupons that have long expired!


In the words of Mickey Rourke in Barfly, "To all my friends!"



Re: Drinks

Explorer C

Alcohol hasn't been served since 1 year. Now a days you can get a few drinks Coke, Sprite, Water, and Coffee. I usually love to drink coffee but now a days coffee taste is not good that's why during traveling I prefer to carry my fitness related diet like Apple Cider Vinegar gummies which is all time best then all other drinks. I am totally get rid off these drinks.