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Excellent customer service for flight 2052 Phoenix to Nashville!

Explorer C

Hi it’s been a while, I mean since I felt compelled to write a compliment, to anyone in customer service. I thought man this

is the way it’s going to be all the time. I was happy to eat those thoughts, And what better time than now?!. I felt like the same way I did when I was on my honey moon to Rome, Delta 1st class. Aside from not having the bells and  whistles that first class offers I was just happy to meet these people in one of the most basic human interactions and lacking I think in most exchanges, a smile. I can’t remember the last time I felt a genuine smile on my face at the same time as the other persons. It’s so small and insignificant sounding, but something I really needed tonight. This year, my life! So thank you! 


Re: Excellent customer service for flight 2052 Phoenix to Nashville!

Aviator A

So glad to hear the crew on flight 2052 provided great customer service and were able to make you smile. 


If you get a chance I would send your compliment to southwest though one of these contact methods: Submitting a Customer Service Compliment This way Southwest can pass on the kudos to the flight crew and their supervisors. I recommend sending your kudos through Twitter or Facebook for the easiest and quickest response.