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Excellent flight crew

Explorer C

This post is long overdue, as it concerns a flight I took on Feb. 3, 2023, but I still wanted to thank the Southwest crew for an excellent flight. The weather was cold and conditions very windy when the flight headed into Providence, RI. As the plane headed over the bay towards our destination, the high winds made it seem like the plane was barely moving. But the pilots kept the plane steady and we flew in and had a great landing.

I am a frequent SW flyer, and this experience inspired great confidence. Job well done!


Re: Excellent flight crew

Aviator A

 Glad to hear that you had a nice experience. 


It might be a bit late for this, but you could try to have SW recognize the crew. To do that click on "contact us" below. Be sure to list date of travel, flight number, and departure and destination cities.