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Exceptional Service

Explorer C


I just wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout to Robyn, an amazing gate agent. 
I am a frequent business traveler. My meeting in Orlando ended very early. I approached Robyn to see if she could get me on an earlier flight. Not only did she get me on an earlier flight, she reminded me that as an A-List Preferred member I would be allowed to board in between the A group and B group. My experiences on Southwest just continue to get better and better. I should add that her demeanor and professionalism were second to none.
Thank you for the amazing service!

Re: Exceptional Service

Aviator A

Hi Danny. Glad to hear of your experience.


Note: edit your post to remove your RR#. SInce this is a public forum, there is nothing to prevent a nefarious person from trying to use it.


Also, your best bet is to let the airline know of your experience. Here's how.