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Extraordinary Service_Flight 1351 MCO to BWI

Explorer C

On Flight 1351, from MCO to BWI, on August 5, 2022, I became ill.  I walked to the front of the plane, ready to pass out, and the Flight Attendant, who I only know as 'Caroline,' immediately came to my aid.  I am healthy and never before had an experience like this, where I thought I was fainting and was extremely nauseous.  Caroline physically supported me, asked me questions about how I was feeling, offered me ginger ale and suggested a cold cloth for the back of my neck.  I felt worse than I had almost ever felt, and concerned as we were mid flight.  I was too weak to walk back to my seat.  Caroline let me stay in the front restroom -- just sitting and resting with the door open -- repeatedly checking on me.  I cannot thank her enough for her extraordinary care, concern and level of professionalism.  She was also extremely calm which served to calm me.  Thank you, Caroline.  Your service did not go unrecognized.  I remain grateful.  Thank you.


Re: Extraordinary Service_Flight 1351 MCO to BWI

Aviator A

Glad to hear that you are alright.


You could always let SW directly know about how you feel about  Caroline by clicking on "contact us" below and proceeding.


Since this is a customer forum, your comment here will not result in any recognition for Caroline from Southwest.