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Extremely rude flight attendant

Explorer C

Was boarding a super delayed and packed flight tonight.  Tried making space in the overhead bin for my bag because someone put a small bag up there when it should have been down by their feet.  For reference, the flight attendant was a white middle aged female with shorter hair and glasses, approximately 5’4” or so.  Instead of doing her job and telling people to put smaller bags under the chair (which avoids later boarding passengers from having to check in their bags, major pain), she starts making smart ass comments about how I’m “Not Smart” for trying to move the other passengers bag to make space.  Then after I try to be the bigger person and walk further down the aisle away from her, I see her looking at me then looking at some other passenger and making faces, mouthing that I’m an idiot.  She should get some sensitivity re-training and learn how to do her job without such an attitude. 


Re: Extremely rude flight attendant

Frequent Flyer A

Hey there,


As a community member, I'm certainly to hear of that. While I'm sure flight attendant meant nothing personal and may have been tired from the delay, I'd recommend you reach out to the customer team (via phone or Twitter) and share this with them, as they'll have the resources needed to escalate this.



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Re: Extremely rude flight attendant

Adventurer A

In my experience with Southwest, the airline customer service personnel have always listened to me attentively and earnestly.  Through the years I have observed that many of my suggestions have been implemented, probably not solely due to my feedback, bet maybe.  Let SW know when you have issues.  I do not think that we'll thought positive suggestions will fall on deaf ears.  By the way, the customer service people you talk to are in the executive wing of the company's HQ.  They are taken seriously.