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Family boarding

Explorer C

On 7/21/18 I traveled with my children from Chicago to Boise. Today, I am still angered by the rudeness of one of the flight attendants. We used the family boarding for extra time to get our 6 and 3 year olds settled. I had to grab snacks out of a bag I had just placed in our overhead bin, hoping to keep my kids quiet, when I was rudely approached by a flight attendant, stating I was blocking other passengers from being seated. I stopped, moved out of the way for people to pass,  and the aisle to be clear and proceeded to reach into my bag again. She again told me I was blocking the aisle (nobody behind me this time). I told her I needed to get into my bag to keep my kids settled. She asked me, loudly and rudely if I wanted to make an issue out of this. My husband, that is generally a very calm and quiet man, raised his voice and said, "she isn't blocking anyone".  The attendant backed down, but I was pretty embarrassed, being she called me out twice, even when I wasnt blocking anyone, as well as using the family boarding, which is meant to give one extra time to get settled. I understand that people need to get their seats to keep things on time, but this woman's attitude was uncalled for. I felt as if she was trying to make trouble as if to get me kicked off the flight if I said anymore about it.  Ive been flying with Southwest for many years, and this is my first problem i've ever had with an employee. Traveling with 2 children isn't easy, and I try to make it as painless as I can for other passengers by keeping my kids comfortable, fed, and busy.  


Re: Family boarding

Aviator C

@Zonaari18 trust me... I have traveled with my children, so I can totally relate to the pressures of family traveling. The flight attendant had the right intentions but delivery definitely fell short with the delivery. What catches my attention about your concern is that you are sad in addition to being embarrassed and angry. 


A few tips my wife and I do when family traveling:


*Remain calm and breathe. 

*Grab a alcoholic beverage if necessary. 

*Anticipate snack time and either keep a bag under the seat in front of you, or grab snacks before finding your seats. 

*Have a backpack for the kids to carry that has their toys, iPad, snacks, etc. 

*Pre-plan bathroom visits in the terminal and not on the plane. 

*Bad attitudes are going to happen, how I am going to react? 

*Remember that one day we will miss the stress of traveling with little ones because they will grow up. 


Not sure if you spoke to anyone with SWA about your experience, but I would reach out to Customer Relations via Twitter. Like I said earlier, a customer who feels sad deserves to have their concern addressed. 



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Re: Family boarding

Aviator A

I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience, Southwest staff have generally been very helpful for us traveling with our 2 year old over the years.


The FA must have had some bad experience recently with the aisles to make an issue of it, especially when you acknowledged the first request and then got back in the bin when no one was waiting.


I'm sure it was something like that and not trying to start something to get you kicked off, she must have just been really concerned about the aisles that day. 


Hopefully the return trip was quiet like most of your other experience on Southwest.





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