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Fear of Flying

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I will be flying in two weeks from Chicago to Atalanta. I am an extremely anxious flyer and am very nervous about the boarding on SW. I will be traveling with a co-worker and will be even more nervous if we do not sit together. Also, I would like information about which seats are the smoothest? I definitely do not want to be in the back because seeing too much ahead of me will increase my nervousness. Any advice would be extremely useful. 


Re: Fear of Flying

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i would recommend buying the Early Bird check in so that you will be automatically checked in and your chances of being towards the front will be better or you could wait until you get to the airport and pay for upgraded boarding if it's available and it will make you one of the first 15 people after pre boarders so you should be able to get one of the first few rows also by buying one of these options it will increase your chance of seats together because if you end up in the late B or C group you may be separated as it's usually only middle seats open at that point. 


i have noticed mid cabin seats seems to be calmer to me during turbulence

flying isn't to bad just arrive early and relax bring a book or something and the flight should be great  


hope your flight goes well and feel free to write back after the flight to let us know how it went 


Re: Fear of Flying

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Hi @Aconnell,


We're honored that you've chosen to fly with us for your upcoming trip to Atlanta! Like @bec102896 said, the seats in the middle of the plane tend to provide a smooth ride, since they are anchored by the wings and engines on either side of the aircraft. You might feel a little more movement if you're sitting in the front or back of the plane. We'll provide a snack and complimentary soft drinks/coffee for you during the flight. I think you'll find our Employees to be friendly and eager to help you enjoy your flight!


If you'll send me your mailing address in a private message, we'd love to send you a care package with some Southwest goodies to ease your flying nerves! 


Re: Fear of Flying

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Southwest has the best customer service. I have always had a fear of flying but reading these tips is so helpful. I'm flying in about 3 weeks by myself for the first time and I'm really scared. I have flown with Southwest before with other people and the Southwest crew is always so nice. If you're an anxious flyer do you recommend telling the flight crew? Thank you.

Re: Fear of Flying

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@misstiff2390 I don’t think it will hurt telling the crew about your fear. This way they can keep an eye out for you.  Keep in mind that this comes up on a regular basis. The crew is highly trained and capable to handle most situations. They probably spend more time in the air than on the ground. My best advice is to keep yourself busy during the flight. Find someone to talk to, book to read, work on a work project. Good luck on your flight, and remember that you are safer in the air than you are on the freeway. 

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Re: Fear of Flying

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Just saw your post and hope your trip is calm and good. Southwest is great at having amazing people working on the flights..  I hope they help make it better. I fly out of that airport often and the teams there are great!