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Fear of Flying

Explorer C

Hello so basically I am terrified to fly. I decided to get on a plane for my honeymoon in Oct of 2017 and I had panick attacks the whole way there, with bad turbulance, and then nightmares once we got to our destination. I knew my only way home was getting back on the plane so I didn't have a choice, when we landed I felt so much relief. Now my husband wants to go back to our honeymoon destination for our 1 year anniversary and I can't force myself to commit to it. Are their any fear of flying classes that are offered? Or any coping methods people use, I so badly want to go back to the beach but getting on a plane is almost impossible. Thanks in advance!



Re: Fear of Flying

Aviator A



I'd suggest that you read the responses to the post "fearful flier" within the same part of these forums that you placed this post.


I suspect that about every thing about coping with the flying eperience is mentioned there.


As for classes, I'll have to let someone else comment.


Relax if you can. You'll have a great time.



Re: Fear of Flying

Retired Community Manager

Hi @LMG09,


Here's a link to the post that @dfwskier mentioned above. It has a lot of great advice that I think you'll find helpful! 🙂