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Fear of flying, would love some advice.

Explorer C

I have a fear of flying, it’s hasn’t stopped me from flying from the east coast to California 3-4 times but nonetheless the anxiety I get is admittedly high pre and during flight.

I think it’s a control thing for me not that I want to fly the plane, I’d much rather the 2 high trained pilots to do that. My fear also has a lot to do with that uncomfortable feeling you get from turbulence.

I know turbulence isn’t necessarily a bad thing and that it’s a very low chance of “severe turbulence” like you see in videos of passengers being tossed about. However, this is a big aspect of my fear.

To get to my question, can anyone recommend a seat\row number or letter on a southwest plane that would be best to lessen the feeling of turbulence?

Thanks everyone, enjoy your flights!


Re: Fear of flying, would love some advice.

Adventurer B

Over the wing area. Think of the aircraft and the 4 axis it has or where it would "pivot" around. Or think of a teeter-totter with the middle staying the most stationary. Also think that the pilots want to get home to see their families as much as you do and wouldn't put themselves in harms way. They can't control the turbulence but they can see which routing can minimize it. Hope it helps.


Re: Fear of flying, would love some advice.

Aviator C

I had a very rough flight back in the early 2000s and it bothered me for several years.  There was a few years there that I didn't fly.  The turbulence was so bad that I nearly hit my head on the roof the the aircraft (commuter plane).


I started sitting at the front of the plane and keeping my seat belt tight.  Over time, I got used to the occasional turbulence and now it doesn't bother me.


Know that the severe turbulence that I am describing, and you are seeing on those videos, is probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Aircraft disabled from turbulence is also a very, very rare event.


Hope this helps.