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Fearful Flyer

Explorer C


I will be flying for the first time in May from Oakland to San Antonio I am so afraid. I have so much anxiety behind flying. Please provide any advice. 


Re: Fearful Flyer

Aviator A

Bring a fully charged phone/tablet that way you can read or listen to music or take advantage of the free inflight entertainment. I would also get a snack so you have something to munch on during the flight. OAK-SAT is a long route and you will probably have a layover as I think OAK-SAT non stops haven't returned yet.


For pre flight i would show up an hour and a half to 2 hours before your flight that way you don't have to rush as rushing can make anxiety worse. 


You can also search here on the community for first time flyer or anxious flyer and you can see lots of other tips from other travelers. 


Enjoy San Antonio be sure you get some good Mexican food while your here. 



Re: Fearful Flyer

Frequent Flyer B

Don't worry the pilot walks around the aircraft looking for wheel damage, fuselage cracks, or engine mount cracks each day for each aircraft. 

Re: Fearful Flyer

Frequent Flyer A

You can also let the flight attendant know you're a bit anxious -- they'll do what they can to take care of you with the SWA LUV. Additionally, try distracting yourself in the moment as much as possible. Hope everything goes smoothly,

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