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First time flying, im nervous.

Explorer C

Hi! this is going to be my first time ever flying and im going to be all by myself and im super anxious, I already have bad anxiety as it is.. Any tips? The flight is only 2 hours and I am interested in preboarding as well since it is my first time 😅 Thanks!


Re: First time flying, im nervous.

Aviator A

Hello. You are not alone in being a fearful flyer. You'll be surrounded by caring Southwest employees. Be sure to let the gate attendant know of your fear. You probably will be able to talk with the pilot before the flight.


As I said at the start, lots of people are afraid of flying. They've come here in the past asking for advice. Rather than repeating the advice, here's a link to advice given to other people. It contains 

information that will help you overcome your fear.


Enjoy your flight! You'll do fine.


Also, preboarding is limited to those with a medical need. You don't need to tell anyone what it is, but you do have to claim to have one,

Re: First time flying, im nervous.

Frequent Flyer A

If there's time, getting to meet the pilots is always a moving and calming thing too. Hope you have a safe and OK flight!

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