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Fligh Attendant

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I want to give a compliment to George. He is an LA based attendant. He was on flight 206 @ 12:55 from SLC to PHX on 2/18. He went above and beyond to make me comfortable. I broke my leg skiing on 2/15, had surgery on 2/16. George showed such compassion. He is a valuable member of your team and should be recognized as such.


Re: Fligh Attendant

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Most of us here are customers like you, any chance you are able to send directly to Southwest?


Click "Contact Us" at the bottom of forum pages for options.

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Re: Fligh Attendant

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 I guess that I'd recommend that you do as the company suggests to pass on a compliment.



In all my years of skiing I did lots of things o my body - breaking a leg was not one of them.


Good luck with the leg.  Maybe spring skiing in April?