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Flight 100 MKE to PHX - HELP locate passengers

Explorer C

Dear Southwest friends, 


I'm writing you through tear soaked eyes and a full heart of gratitude. My husband and I recently fly into Milwaukee for a Green Bay Packers game. We were set to fly home on Monday, Jan 3rd. We had a flight cancellation due to weather and a new flight was assigned. Our new flight was set, we would fly out of Milwaukee to Phoenix and then transfer planes for our flight to Austin. Little did we know that when we were booked on flight 100 MKE to PHX, it would be a flight that will forever be a miracle flight to us. We boarded the plane and my husband and I nestled into the very back row, me by the window and my husband in the middle. We were napping on and off as he was watching the in flight channels. All of a sudden, he tapped me to get my attention and as soon as I looked at him, I knew something was really wrong. It looked like my husband was having a seizure. I immediately pressed the call button for help as I was in full panic mode. The call was answered and the flight attendant called for a nurse who came and could not find a pulse on my husband. They got him on the ground and performed CPR and shocked him with the AED. It felt like am eternity as he lay on the floor. It is all a bit of a blur but I remember there were so many people volunteering and helping try to save him. To the nurses that were so willing to help, the flight attendants that acted so quickly, the woman who was sitting in front of me that never stopped trying comforting and calm me, the lady that held my hand and prayed for him and the pilots that made a safe emergency landing in Albuquerque so he could be taken to the hospital where we found out that he had a heart attack. We are still at the hospital here but are hoping to be discharged soon. Basically, I am asking for help locating or contacting these amazing people to tell them how thankful we are. The ICU team here said that the fast and thoughtful actions of these kind people saved his life and we want to be able to thank them and let them know he is alive and well. I know this is a tall order so any help is immensely appreciated.




An eternally grateful wife,

Stephanie B


Re: Flight 100 MKE to PHX - HELP locate passengers

Aviator A

Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes for your husband. You should send this message directly to Southwest so they can at least provide thanks to the crew. Use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message. 



Re: Flight 100 MKE to PHX - HELP locate passengers

Explorer C

I sent them a message as well but I'm sure it can take a bit of time.  Thank you for your well wishes ❤