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Flight Attendants making flying enjoyable

Explorer C

I have just returned from a trip going from Ontario California to San Antonio Texas, with a plane change in Las Vegas. (And back again) Each leg was made enjoyable by the lovely flight attendants who had wonderful personalities and senses of humour! I laughed during the normally repetitive safety briefings and it was so apparent that these people enjoyed working for Southwest.


On my leg from San Antonio to Vegas, one attendant in particular stood out for me. His name is Daniel - I think he lives in Vegas, but he was an absolute delight with his attitude and humour. I wasn't sure where else to post this as I'm not sure anyone who matters within the company reads these forums, but I wanted to make sure and tell someone about this exceptional young man who made the flight so much fun! (It was on Sunday Jan 8th 2017). Thank you, Daniel!


Crystal Cooney


Re: Flight Attendants making flying enjoyable


Hi @Luiniel


Thanks for sharing this great inflight experience with the Community! If you'll send me a private message with your specific flight number, I'll look up Daniel's information and make sure he receives this recognition. Thanks for flying with Southwest!


Ashley Mainz

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Re: Flight Attendants making flying enjoyable

Explorer C

I recently took Southwest round trip from Oakland to San Jose del Cabo and had the same flight attendant, Ester Pickens, on both flights.  Not only does her personality light up a room, but she displayed great professionalism.  A true asset to you Company!!


Over my career I have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles and come in contact with a lot of airline personell.   Both good and bad experiences.  In recent years more bad than good.


However, Esther deserves to be recognized as one of the best.


Barry Ogilby