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Flight Attendants out of control

Explorer C
I am writing to inform you of an incident which occurred yesterday, July 17, 2021.  
I was on a flight from Los Angeles to Oakland, Flight 934, departing at 455 PM.  While on the plane, the air conditioner came on and I retrieved my sweatshirt from my bag.  While pulling one arm through the sweatshirt my mask had fallen just below the tip of my nose.  The flight attend, KATHLEEN, tapped her mask as she was standing in front of me.  I nodded to indicate I understood as I continued using one hand to pull the other through the sweatshirt.   Within seconds she taps me on the shoulder and again taps her mask.  I told her I was getting my hands free as I was putting on my sweatshirt.  Kathleen was extremely rude and started saying I was playing games and "You have two hands".  I was using both to pull a sweatshirt over my head.....
Kathleen was in the middle of getting drink orders during this and I ignored her rudeness, put my sweatshirt on and adjusted my mask.  The entire interaction took less than 20 seconds.  I was appalled at how rude she was.  I held up three fingers to indicate I wanted a 7-up during the flight.  Kathleen responded with, "Oh you don't want anything, good!" and quickly turned away.  I confronted her rudeness and asked for her name.  Kathleen continued to antagonize the situation, telling me I was playing games and make sure I write exactly what happened for my complaint.  At this point I was infuriated and I didn't say another word for the rest of the flight.  In total, I told her I was getting my sweatshirt on, asked for her name and I was treated like a piece of trash on the flight.  Kathleen continued muttering throughout the flight, pointing at me with the other flight attendant and trying to get me to react.  I refused to interact and just wanted to get home to my family.  
This was the worst experience in the air I have ever had.  SouthWest now owns this over a flight attendant named Kathleen.  As she requested, I am writing exactly what happened.   I have flown all over the world for 30+ years, served my country for over 25 years and counting, and this is how you treat people?  
Severely disappointed, 
John David White

Re: Flight Attendants out of control

Aviator A

@d_white22 wrote:

First of all, you are  NOT talking with Southwest here. You are talking with fellow customers, since this a customer to customer forum. Complaints should go to customer relations . 
Airlines have been told they must enforce the mask mandate. So airlines have told flight attendants to enforce the mask mandate. I'm sure the FA's don't like the  mental combat and occasional physical combat that entails. How would you like going to a job where every single day where you absolutely know that some number of people are going to give you a very bad time for doing your job.


IMO, You should cut them a bit of slack.


You said "This was the worst experience in the air I have ever had.  ... < in my flying >all over the world for 30+ years"




If that is the case, you don't know how lucky you are.


In my 50 years of flying all over the world,  I have dozens of stories that make yours pale by comparison.

Re: Flight Attendants out of control

Frequent Flyer B

In life focus on object interactions and animals. They don't make u miserable like humans.

Re: Flight Attendants out of control

Frequent Flyer C

I’m guessing it took more than 20 seconds for you to compose that email. 

Now you’ve let what amounted to a 20 second moment of inconvenience in your life and probably more than tripled the effect.  And made it a major sticking point for you. 

Why?  Life is too short and precious as it is.