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Flight attendants

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Been a Southwest Rewards customer for quite a while and always enjoyed our flights but, customer service are days that no longer exist in flying. It’s not cheap traveling and now it feels like your threatened as soon as your buns hit the seat! Flight Attendants threatened to throw you off the plane before you even leave the gates! We were TOLD what would be served as a refreshment and not to ask for anything else like a alcoholic beverage. Be prepared for a new way of flying. Cost is still the same with NO customer service at all. 


Re: Flight attendants

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Sorry to hear you were not satisfied with the customer service on your recent flight. Since this is a customer to customer forum you should share your feedback with southwest directly by Contacting Customer Relations.



Re: Flight attendants

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Service has changed for all of the carriers not just SW due to covid. 

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Re: Flight attendants

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@smontoya72 I've seen some good comments from you in the past, so this confuses me that you're even remotely concerned that you only get a choice of 4 drinks and no alcohol?  🤔