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Flight changed

Explorer C

They just changed our flight from San Diego to Denver 

Lost our A boarding status that I paid for and flight was a nonstop and now it is four hours longer with a stop and if I want A status I have to pay fifty dollars now ?????

Where is the customer service the commercials talk about? Seems of late every flight I have been on has been delayed or changed 

Quickly becoming not much of a fan anymore 


Re: Flight changed

Aviator A

There are numerous non-stops on that route. Find one you like and request to be moved to it. If you also politely mention the loss of benefit from EarlyBird you might get a refund for it or voucher.



Re: Flight changed

Aviator A

When Southwest changes a flight you have the ability to make a no-cost (aka FREE) change to whatever other flight you want. Did you do this?