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Flight diverted, requesting info on possible compensation.

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I was a passenger on flight 2290 from Phoenix to Baltimore. Due to a diversion due to a crew medical emergency, the plane was severely delayed resulting in a missed connection, while I was able to get the gate agent to change the flight to one that would make my follow on military itinerary with another airline work, I still encountered a severe disruption of travel plans and ended up eating the cost for lodging at my original Southwest destination (Norfolk). I ended up sleeping on a bench in the airport at BWI. Is there any compensation that can be made in this situation with regards to air miles or anything like that? 


Re: Flight diverted, requesting info on possible compensation.

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Sorry to hear your flight was Diverted because of a medical emergency which caused you to miss connect and resulted in you sleeping on a bench overnight. 


I recommend reaching out to southwest directly using one of these methods: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint.


I personally would send Southwest a DM on Twitter for the fastest response once all travel on the reservation is complete.


Hopefully your future flights are delay free!