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“Flightmare” 22 hours from Orlando to Raleigh Terrible customer service

Explorer C

Last Friday I was supposed to fly from Orlando to Raleigh leaving at 6:30 pm changing planes in Atlanta and arriving in Raleigh at 11:20 pm. 

The flight from Orlando started out 30 minutes delayed. It was then delayed while they found a flight crew, then by a maintenance malfunction. We then had to change planes. Then a delay waiting for someone to load luggage and then go weather information. 

The flight arrived almost 2 1/2 hours late and I missed the flight to Raleigh. I was rescheduled for a flight leaving 23 hours later. I found an agent and let him know that a 23 hour delay was not acceptable an he said that there was nothing else available. I asked to speak to someone else and he called another agent. The other agent rerouted me to Baltimore leaving at 6:10am the next morning and after a 6 hour layover arrive in Raleigh at 3:00pm


We were told in Orlando that hotel rooms would be available. I asked and the agent gave me a voucher for the Holiday Inn Express. He told me how to go to the shuttle area and said simply to board the Holiday Inn Express shuttle. The voucher had no address or phone number. I boarded the shuttle and the driver said it was the wrong shuttle as there are several Holiday Inn Express hotels in Atlanta. I tried for an hour to call all of the Holiday Inn hotels and couldn’t find any reservation. I had to return to the airport and find an agent who had to track down and call the hotel.  

I arrived at the hotel and the desk agent said that they weren’t honoring any vouchers because all of the reservations were canceled at 8:30 that evening. I told him that someone had just called and they found me a room. They turned all of the other Southwest voucher holders away. 

I spent only 3 hours in the hotel as I had to return to the airport for a very early flight followed by a long delay. No restaurants were open.


 I flew to Baltimore. During the long delay I went to the Southwest website because I wanted to express my dissatisfaction. The website said t call or email. I called and waited a one hour to speak to an agent, only to be told that they don’t accept complaints by phone and I would have to email it. 

I was promised by the agent in Atlanta that my luggage would go on a direct flight to Raleigh and would be waiting for me. When I finally arrived in Raleigh I went to the baggage office to pick up my bag. It was lost. The agent tracked it and said that it was in Tampa. I asked how it ended up in Tampa when I was flying to Raleigh and it had a RDU tag. She had no answer. My bag arrived at 4pm the next day 


Overall I had to call out of work and lose a day’s pay. The next day I had to go to work out of uniform because it was in Tampa.  This will show up on my work evaluation. I had a night with almost no sleep. I had no dinner or breakfast. I had to hire an UBER because I missed my ride. 

For all of this disruption in my life Southwest gave me a measly $150 voucher. Really???

That doesn’t even cover the cost of a one way ticket.  The next time I may consider other airlines or driving.  An 8 hour drive or a 22 hour flight on Southwest?  Go figure.


Re: “Flightmare” 22 hours from Orlando to Raleigh Terrible customer service

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your troubles. That does not sound like a lot of fun.


Unfortunately the type of thing you experienced is something that is occurring relatively frequently at all airlines - not just Southwest. It is a sad commentary about the industry.


Everyone who flies will eventually run in to a " trip from hell." This was yours.


I think your best recourse at this time is to e-mail SW and express your extreme disappointment at what happened and ask for compensation. You won't get cash, but the airline might send you another voucher.


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