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Gratitude to Crew of Flt 4510 from Hou to Las Vegas, December 24, 2019

Explorer C

My family and I just got back from a great trip to Las Vegas which included excursions to the Grand Canyon and Zion. We left Christmas Eve. It was the kids' first flight ever. Our six year old son was especially excited.


What made the experience memorable was the professionalism and kindness of the Flight Crew on Flt 4510 for the outbound flight. The two ladies and gentlemen exceeded the expectations I have associated with Southwest as an A-Lister with over a half a million miles experience in flying. From the help in boarding with the luggage, car seat, and stroller to helping us procure and save seats when I boarded as a A-lister and waited for my family to board as they were asked to after the luggage had been stored.  I do not know the crews' names, but I will remember their warmth and kindness. I passed along the Appreciation Coupons I received from Southwest to each of the crew members.  I should have passed ones along to the pilots as well, who did meet the standards one would expect for courtesy and considerations of safety. 


To conclude quite simply, thank you. Flt 4510 Crew should be commended for making this first flight for kids so enjoyable and pleasant. 


Re: Gratitude to Crew of Flt 4510 from Hou to Las Vegas, December 24, 2019

Aviator A

Go glad to hear the crew on your flight went above and beyond to make your family's flight much more enjoyable. 


If you get a chance I recommend sharing this with Southwest directly though one of the options listed here: Submitting a Customer Service Compliment  that way they can pass on the kudos to the employess and there supervisors.