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Harassment from a Flight Attendant

New Arrival

I was flying on flight #2590 from New Orleans to Houston. The flight attendant asked for drink preference and I said Coke. I was not aware that it comes in a cup and it is supposed to have ice, unless otherwise stated.

When the attendance came close, I told them politely that I did not use ice. I did not ask for the drink or anything else. All I said was that I do not use ice. The reply I got was 'you did not say that earlier, take it' so she commanded me to get the cup, which I did.

I could not take Ice, but here I was, with a cup three quarter full of ice that I could not even touch. I was so embarrassed and for the rest of the trip let the cup just sit there.

When her companion was picking the cups, I explained to them what had happened.

After landing, I told them that I would seek further clarification from the airline as there is no greater harassment than what I had gone through. I was shown a supervisor at Houston who apologized on behalf of the company and told me to go on the website and report.

I have used Southwest for a long time and I have never been treated like this. I am seeking redress on this issue from the airline or other places. I did not do anything to deserve this kind of treatment from this flight attendant. I was in a bad mental state from then on and I am hoping that something will happen since I am a frequent flier on this route and will certainly encounter the same employee again.


Re: Harassment from a Flight Attendant

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There is no greater harassment?  Really?  A small misunderstanding regarding ice is the worst thing ever?

It's unlikely you would ever see the same crew, they don't operate back and forth between cities like they do on some airlines.  It sounds like you were already directed as to how you can file a report.  You can also use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.



Re: Harassment from a Flight Attendant

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Perhaps the "no greater harassment" ever was that rather than a full 12oz can of Coca Cola a small plastic cup of Coca Cola was delivered? I mean a long time and frequent flyer of SWA would know they deliver drinks with ice in plastic cups as a standard practice.

I've got nothing?

Re: Harassment from a Flight Attendant

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Southwest will bring you a can of soda, but you have to ask for the can.

Re: Harassment from a Flight Attendant

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"I'm so sorry. I should have said... May I please have...? My mistake. Thank you!" It does wonders, and I can get almost anything.