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Heart Interior

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On Tuesday, I’m schueduled to fly on WN1388 from SDF to MDW. Currently, the aircraft is scheduled as a 737 MAX 8, but I’ve noticed that for the past few weeks it has been scheduled as a MAX, but has been changed to an -800. This leads me to believe my flight will be changed to an -800, too. One of the things I wanted to see on the MAX was the heart interior. I also know it’s on some -800s. Is there a way to (using the tail number & aircraft age) figure out whether my flight will have the heart interior? 


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One way to find out is to track your flight on flightaware which will tell you where the plane is coming from I use it quite often and it's helpful for predicting delays the airline hasn't posted like if a plane sits on the ground for 30min. You can usually start tracking your flight 2 days before departure on flightaware 


most aircrafts seem to change 2-3 days out from my experience keep in mind there are only 13 MAX planes so they get swapped a lot based on maintenance or delays or other reasons the 800 is still a nice plane as well if you haven't been on one of those.


I flew on the new plane last month and it was very nice I was also on the plane when it broke during the inaugural flight which was not fun but glad I was able to ride it later on.


hope you get to ride on the new plane 


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I'm not aware of a list that associates tail numbers with what seating is installed. It's also not easy to determine tail number ahead of time since Southwest swaps planes quite a bit, and as you said, 800s also have the heart interior so it's basically playing the lottery with what you'll get. Think of it this way, would you change your flight just to see the heart interior? It's definitely more comfortable, but not drastically different that would lead me to change flights. It's just a nice bonus when it's there when I board. Fingers crossed you get it on this trip.

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Here is some information that may interest you


Boeing 737-800 Heart One  N8642E

Boeing 737-800 Heart Two N8645A