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Honoring A Southwest Employee - Heartwarming Story

Explorer C

On September 23, 2019, it felt like any other Monday until I received an unexpected phone call from my boyfriend towards the end of the workday. He told me the devastating news that my father had suffered a heart attack.

I live in Denver and my father, Indiana, so I immediately asked my boyfriend to drive me to the airport. The ride entailed countless calls to family members, trying to piece together bits of information to understand what was happening to my father. I learned he was without a pulse for forty-five minutes before being rushed to the hospital. Naturally, after learning this information, I was distraught, emotional, and numb.

My boyfriend made it to the airport in record time, and I rushed inside. My favorite airline has always been Southwest, for their customer service and numerous flying perks, so I ran over to their counter. When the nice lady asked how she could help me, I broke down sobbing at a complete struggle for words.

Seeing my dismay, the lady asked what had happened. I told her my story in brief and asked for an immediate flight to Indianapolis, whatever the cost. She was incredibly accommodating and made it her number one priority to get me home. She was able to get me on a flight to Indianapolis by nightfall, so I could visit my father and surround myself with family members.

Once she booked my spot and handed me my boarding pass, I noticed her name tag read: Connie. I let out a little sigh of relief; my father's mother's name was Connie. I knew this was no coincidence. My grandma was looking out for my father, and I had a feeling things would be okay.

After 14 days at Methodist hospital in Indiana, my father recovered from his heart failure and transferred to outpatient therapy. He's since received a pacemaker and is leading a healthy life once again.

I'm so thankful for the Southwest family and Connie in Denver for being so understanding and accommodating. In such a stressful, uncertain time, she made me feel that I wasn't alone.


**If there is a better place to post these stories, please let me know.


Re: Honoring A Southwest Employee - Heartwarming Story

Aviator A

First off glad to hear your father is doing well now. Also glad to hear Connie was able to help you with getting the next flight out to be with your dad. 


If you get a chance I would send your kudos to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter so they can pass on the kudos and thanks to Connie and her supervisors for celebration.