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Hooray! I'm not a sardine

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Free bags, great. No change fees, awesome. What I like most as a frequent flyer is that you actually provide ample leg room for an average height human (5' 11" in my case). I had to make an unfortunate mistake by traveling via another major, non-discount airline recently and I had to stand up to stretch out my legs under the seat in front of me, crazy. 


Thanks Southwest for not treating anyone like they are a sardine in a can. Your humanity keeps me loyal. 


Re: Hooray! I'm not a sardine

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Re: Hooray! I'm not a sardine

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Oh, I agree.


I flew Spirit once (and only once). I had a middle seat. There was so little leg room that it was impossible to retrieve my laptop bag directly from the seat. I had to slide it out from under the seat in front and then slide it to the aisle where it could actually pick it up.


Admittedly, I had a fat laptop bag.