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Horrible Customer Service...

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After flying from Indianapolis to Atlanta we had a 4 hour layover until our flight to Oakland. My girlfriend has a service animal and we had to the bathroom. We were in Terminal C and there were no pet relief areas open in the entire terminal. We had to walk 20 minutes to terminal B to find an open pet relief area. When we came back they had closed the doors, 15 minutes before the flight. We explained to the lady at the gate that there were no pet relief areas open yet she would not let us on the plane. We then watched the plane for 15 minutes sitting and then it backed out and left. There was plenty of time to correct the situation. The 2 representatives at the counter were Paree Newcomb and a Manager Lajuan A. She laughed and said "Oh I figured you were walking your dog because I saw a service animal on your reservation." I fly twice a week and I used to prefer Southwest but no longer. I now have a 12 hour trip with 2 layovers absolutely ridiculous. 


Re: Horrible Customer Service...

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Sorry to hear of your experience. Once you complete travel I would reach out to southwest though one of these methods so they can look in to the issue and respond to you individually: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint 



Re: Horrible Customer Service...

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Sorry to hear that this happened to you. I had a similar thing happen on Continental a long time ago - pre 9/11. No employee was at the gate. They were all at the end of the jetway standing by the open door to the plane. I was banging on the jetway door for all I was worth.

To no avail. Doing that now would get me arrested.


So I do understand your frustration


Sounds like you should file a complaint with customer service. Be sure to list he employee names in your complaint to insure that they receive all appropriate credit for their actions.


Be sure to ask for compensation for your trouble.

Re: Horrible Customer Service...

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The unit on concourse C was closed? That stinks!


I had one flight where we showed up  and a few people were boarding the flight before ours. However the gate area was eerily empty - it was actually our flight that had started boarding early! 


We didn't get to sit together, with the baby. 


Anyway - you need to talk to your travel agent, IND-ATL-OAK sounds dismal, besides what route you ended up taking.




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