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Re: How do you condone this?!?!?

Aviator A

@redwa wrote:

This is highly disturbing!  This was a very respectful gentleman and you gave him nuts so how is he supposed to eat them.  Flight attendant surely didn't like his cap.


I am re-thinking my loyalty to your airline.  Cut the crap or you' lose lots of goodwill!!!

You know not what you speak


1) Food /water is not served until the flight is airborne and well above 10,000 feet - not on the ground

2) Southwest has not served a peanut to a single passenger in over a year.


Anyone that has flown Southwest would know both of the above points.


I suspect you have never been loyal to Southwest. As you said "Cut the crap 

Re: How do you condone this?!?!?

Aviator C

I've criticized SWA for things in the past, and will in the future when it merits it.  Don't use this forum to make it a political agenda...Really, grow up.  And before you jump on me, I voted for Gary Johnson in the last election.