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How full are flights this week? What's it like onboard?

Explorer C

Hi-  Need to travel from Phx-Indy to care for my sister after surgery.  Wondering how full the SW flights are and  if people are wearing masks, respecting physical distance as much as possible?


Thank you,


Lee Ann


Re: How full are flights this week? What's it like onboard?

Aviator A

I have not flown very recently, but from the comments I am seeing on social media it is still very hit or miss with crowds and masks.  Some flights are empty, some are what would be considered empty during normal times, but now are less than ideal, and some are legitimately full.  Mask usage also appears to be mixed, much like I see both in town when running limited errands or on the news when people are shown at stores.  Southwest does say masks must be worn, but like many other airlines, Southwest is not putting much effort in enforcing the policy.  While this is not a solid, clear answer to your question, I'm not sure there is a solid or clear answer to be had.  Overall numbers of passengers reported by TSA screening are on the way back up, but still no where near normal.  If you decide to travel I hope it goes well for you.



Re: How full are flights this week? What's it like onboard?

Aviator A

I've had two flights in the last week in both cases


1) The planes carried about 40 people


2) The gate attendants asked people to not sit in middle seats. The requests were honored except for people that wanted to sit together.


3) Almost all passengers wore masks. I say almost because  couldn't see the people in rows behind mine. Everyone in rows in front of mine wore masks. I was in row 7 or 8 on both flights.


4) On one flight distancing was honored on boarding but not on arrival. On the other it was the reverse of that.. You can control distancing by deciding when to board or get off. With so few passengers on board that is pretty easy to do. That's what I did.

Re: How full are flights this week? What's it like onboard?

Explorer C

Flight to Chicago 5/7 and return 5/12.  less than 25 passengers each flight.  All in masks, some gloves.  Plane interior was spotless.   Passengers disinfected own seats/tray tables. Very civilized boarding, 10 passengers at a time.  Plenty of room for social distancing.  At arrival, as usual, many passengers jumped up to retrieve luggage, stood in aisle to exit.  Many remained seated until social distance space available.   I was hoping that flight attendant would announce limited plane exit by rows, rather than crowded exit.  Very few passengers in airport.