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I know People will be mad, but it happened....

Explorer C

On 9/26/21 returning from Georgia on Southwest Airlines I was told there will not be a transfer in flights and to stay on the flight passengers will get off then others will board. I was told this over the phone when my flight was changed by SW, by the baggage counter person and I was also reminded as the plane was descending that passengers that are staying on the plane were to remain seated in Phoenix if going unto Oakland. First, it starts off with the flight attendant saying over the intercom please keep your mask up because frankly I'm tired of asking as the flight began and they did their normal asking to take drink orders when she go to me I simply asked for hot water very clearly she asked me four times what did I say the fifth time I pulled my mask not off but from my face and said hot water please she looked at me rolled her eyes and said can you put your mask back on and what is your order so the white man next to me said she said hot water. She walked away then she came and offered me a bag of opened snacks and said oh dont worry about it they opened because we are so high up.

I remained on the aircraft along with another white woman directly across from me. We acknowledged each other because we were given the same instructions and followed accordingly. I remained seated (as did she, the other white woman) and began to open my sandwich, started eating it a few bites in (now remember I am a small frame and sized Black woman and the white woman across from me is medium sized and taller more visible). The white flight attendant runs up to me and abruptly yells at me "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" WHY ARE YOU STILL ON HERE" "ARE YOU WAITING FOR SOMETHING" me confused and chewing--finished chewing and said ummm you told us to stay on the plane if we were going on to Oakland. "WELL YOU'RE STILL ON HERE, WHY ARE YOU STILL ON HERE" me: still confused and first of all who are you talking to like that the white woman across from me sits up. The white flight attendant said "YOU--I NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING" me  yes I know what I am doing and why are you only talking to me like this and there is another person on this plane with me. The flight attendant turns to the other white woman and says softly, "are you staying on the plane ma'am?" The white woman puts her earphones on and turns her head away from her.  The white attendant again goes in on me and says, WELL I STILL NEED TO KNOW IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING"?

Me: wait a **bleep** minute why are you talking to me this way and you changed your **bleep** tone talking to her I JUST NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Me: I know what I am doing, I am grown and I know what you are doing. You said if we are transferring to Oakland stay on the plane and this is what WE are doing but YO ASS came running up on me OK I get it. Flight attendant well I'm sorry if you took that why but you just don't look like you know what you are doing. Me: you might wanna just go away Flight attendant you don't belong on this flight nobody told me people were staying on. Me: you just told us in your announcement. She threw up her hands and said you need to leave.

I packed my belongings and went to the front and asked for a supervisor. They told me one was coming. They told me to wait as I was waiting. I looked around the door corner and that white flight attendant was now crying and saying I don't know what I did. So I say to the rest of the one that is crying and playing the victim is the reason why I need a supervisor. As I said that a young Black woman was approaching me I started to advance towards her and the white male flight attendant put his hand up in front of the young Black woman and turned to me and said I don't know who she is but you are waiting for a supervisor.

I looked at her and she looked at me. I said to the white male flight attendant...Ummmm she is the Supervisor look at her dang'on name tag. He looked at her in disgust and said uhhhhh I just shook my head. He did not even apologize.

As she and I walked off I told her my story then it hit me-- wait I know you just saw and heard what he did to you so I know you know what they just did to me. She shook her head. I said uhh ok that's not for you to report that's for you to report.  Because you are a young female and Black they would fire you and look over it. Hmmmm. As she directed me finally to the other flight and took down my name which was clear across the other side of the airport I ran into the white woman that was also on the plane.  She said I just want to apologize for the way she treated me and I want to give you my information if you need any help.  She gave me her information. Next, she told me that at first, they did not even have her information to board the plane. Finally, they found it.

Later, after I returned home and called SW to give them my information and the story I did tell them that if my roles were reversed and I approached the white flight attendant I would have been thrown off the plane and never to get on again. And that the white male flight attendant would not have spoken to a white supervisor in the manner he did.

The woman simply said I am sorry this happened to you. I can offer you a $100 voucher for your troubles.


Thee End


Not to mention on my flight to Georgia I paid for the WiFi twice and still was unable to use and not reimbursed.


Re: I know People will be mad, but it happened....

Aviator A

Way too long of a story, but it appears you would like to submit comments directly to Southwest. This is a customer to customer forum so you should remove your contact details and contact Southwest directly.

Contact Southwest Customer Service



Re: I know People will be mad, but it happened....

Aviator A

... and use the contact information above to request a refund of the wifi fee.

Re: I know People will be mad, but it happened....

Aviator A

I'll take "this didn't happen" for $100, Alex.