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Idea - Add a Meditation/Mindfulness App In Flight Entertainment PortaI

New Arrival

I was just watching Shark Tank and a woman named Yuhna Kim of the Simple Habit app was trying to get investors to invest in her meditation/mindfullness app which provides more than 50 free different meditation sessions based on a variety of needs - sessions that include enhancing a user's quality of breathing, improve focus and reduce stress and anxiety. It occured to me that adding something like a feature in the In-Flight Entertainment Portal could bring some value - or other healthy living options. We have seen an increase in travel anxiety and issues related to stress and so on. Perhaps providing something similar to this,  would be a benefit for people that currently do meditation/mindfullness through an app and could encourage others to try this or learn more about living a healthier lifestyle. The feature could provide a menu of healthy living options. I know I would love to see more content in the portal and maybe something health related would be something to consider!


I am not promoting the specific app above, the idea popped into my head while I was watching the show. I am just using it as an example. Some of the meditation/mindfullness options could be related to travel and many of the stressors of life. Why not chill out during the flight!


Just a thought!

Take care,

Pam from Arizona