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In Flight Wi Fi

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Why can't I download Flight Tracker on my iPhone?  I can get the flight statistics (altitude, ground speed) but no image will download in the Flight Tracker display.  Others can see the image but I can't so I suspect it has to do with the settings on my device.


Re: In Flight Wi Fi

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Are you trying to do this on the plane? I suspect that the WiFi is not fast enough to download the app. Be sure to download it before your flight. 


As far as getting it to load on the flight itself, it will depend on your WiFi speeds. 


You can can always track the progress of the flight at 

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Re: In Flight Wi Fi

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I think you mean for the mobile website


Try using a different browser if you have one installed. Agree that it sounds like a compatibility issue with the broswer. It has been working (mostly) fine on my safari browser - maybe you have some iOS updates that aren't installed?



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Re: In Flight Wi Fi

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As great as Southwest is for Customers, there's limitations on "in-flight wifi", even if you were to fly first-class on another airlines. Give Southwest a break, they are pretty **bleep** good about upgrading technology as it becomes available.


Just my two cents.




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