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Inflight Portal Update: Content Alerts

Have you ever visited the Inflight Entertainment Portal and noticed that there don't seem to be many (or any) Free Movies or Free TV Series available? You're not alone. While our Teams are working hard to improve the amount of available content, we want communicate when we know that the Customer experience isn't meeting their (and our) expectations. 
Last week a software update started rolling out to the fleet that will display an alert to Customers whenever the onboard content library is missing the majority of the intended video on demand content. While I hope you never see this message, if you do, please know that we are working hard to get you more Free Movies and Free TV Series!IMG_6634.jpg

Re: Inflight Portal Update: Content Alerts

Aviator A

I mean what movie is 35min anyway 😜 


I had 3 flights this past Weekend and all flights had the full library of movies 

Re: Inflight Portal Update: Content Alerts

Explorer C

Thanks for the update.

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Re: Inflight Portal Update: Content Alerts

Frequent Flyer A

While everyone respect the update and message when trying to use movies, people would rather you fix the problem.


It has become fashionable to discuss the steps being taken to correct the situation but in my day, we fixed the problem.