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Inflight WiFi not connecting to IPhone 11 Pro

Explorer C

Have any other A-List Preferred users had trouble connecting to free WiFi on their iPhones recently? I could not get the regular free text to work either.

My iPhone 11 would not connect this week through the A-List Preferred link on a 700 or 800 series aircraft. It worked fine 12 days ago when I was on a longer flight. I received the message that “the server could not be reached.” Not having WiFi on 1 hour flights this week was survivable but upcoming cross country trips will be a problem if this continues.&nbsp

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Re: Inflight WiFi not connecting to IPhone 11 Pro

Aviator A

 Did this happen on more than one flight?


If just one, you may have been unlucky enough to be on a plane with inoperative WiFI.

Re: Inflight WiFi not connecting to IPhone 11 Pro

Explorer C

My partners phone kept losing wifi even at home. Google was no help.

So I looked at her settings and my settings and saw something different(I accidentally went into different settings on each phone but it worked out for the best).

Under wifi settings is an option for private wifi address. Basically it’s to stop tracking between wifi networks. I turned this off and my wife’s phone has not lost wifi signal since.

Re: Inflight WiFi not connecting to IPhone 11 Pro

Adventurer C

Half the time southwest wifi doesn't work, most people who fly with them travel so little that they believe the wifi works great. At least 3/10 times the wifi takes my money and provides no value 


Gotta LUV southwest.