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Inflight internet

Explorer C

I have been a loyal business traveler on Southwest for at least 5 years. However the last…probably 6-10 flights, the Wi-Fi is so spotty I cannot get any work done. I flew 12 hours this week, which was a lot of wasted time and I have to work all weekend as a result to catch up. I even paid for Wi-Fi on two flights and it took 10 min to load a page. If this isn’t corrected quickly, I can’t justify sticking with Southwest to the superiors at my company. It’s too disruptive.


Re: Inflight internet

Aviator A

You are welcome to submit your comments directly to Southwest and even request a refund if you paid for the service.  Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.



Re: Inflight internet

Aviator C

The few times I've used it, it worked well but a couple times it cut out and I asked for a refund.  I was refunded the $8 immediately.



Re: Inflight internet

Adventurer B

@GirlMommy123 I hear ya! This has been continuously coming up on this forum for several months. I am echoing your issue here!  Hoping that SWA will sit up and take notice that their frequent travelers are wearying of this wifi issue. SWA has been - for years! - notoriously poor in their wifi service but in these past 3 or 4 months they have brought their low standard to an all time low.  I hope more frequent travelers will speak up with their frustrations with this issue.

Re: Inflight internet

Explorer C

I agree. It’s unusable.  While I get it for free because of my status - I would almost certainly be willing to pay a few $$ for a usable service.  Last 6 months have been awful for internet Wi-Fi (tv works fine)


Those that explain that you can get a refund are missing the point.  Many of us business travelers are looking to get work done. A working service is important. 

Re: Inflight internet

Aviator A

It does seem to be getting worse. Within the last two weeks I've had flights on two 737-800s, and both times the WiFi was inoperative the entire duration of the flight.