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Is Southwest Hawaii flights worth it from LAX?

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Theres no LAX -> Hawaii unfortunately, they all need to go to SFO, making flight times 9 hours instead of 5.5-6.


Also, the one i booked was 22k SW points, which is ~330$ roundtrip? that seems great.

However, I just checked google flights and Alaska has the same days but 360$, nonstop (5.5hrs).


Seems like the SW deal has diminished in overall value if competitors are close behind?


Also not added was a check in bag, not sure how much of an effect that is. I think 1 checkin per person is free on SW? but alaska might charge. havent flown in a while

thoughts? are competitors competing with SW prices now?



Re: Is Southwest Hawaii flights worth it from LAX?

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Definitely good feedback to share directly! The easiest way to do so would be to ping the airline via social media DM and let them know!

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Re: Is Southwest Hawaii flights worth it from LAX?

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No LAX, but daily non-stop LGB (Long Beach) to HNL starts March 11.  Flying out of LGB sounds 1000% better than having to go to LAX.  I also suggest you use the low fare calendar to find days with cheaper fares than what you saw, they are out there.