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Left Sony Camara on Flight 4/19/2021 PDX to Denver

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I left PDX airport 4/19/21  flight  1086 at 3:10 to Denver, then on to Houston  Flight # 2400 not realizing I left my Sony Camera underneath my seat in Den and didn’t realize it until I arrived home in Houston Tx that’s when I Immediately contacted SWA and put in a lost item report what I’m very displeased about the most is the lack of communication and not being even able to contact the arrival gate to see if it was turned in. I also want to mention the fact that I seen a guy cleaning the plane upon me departing the plane which was in back on the right hand side middle seat so I know someone seen it I travel frequently with SWA being that they are my Preferred Airline it would be comforting to that the airline and its employees are honest and that it’s not a blessing when when finding someone else’s property the right thing to do is to turn it in


I am not a happy customer 😞


Re: Left Sony Camara on Flight 4/19/2021 PDX to Denver

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Southwest deals with tens if not hundreds of thousands of items reported lost every year. 

it does not have the capability to  personally deal with every one of the people that lose an item.


it does have a procedure to deal with lost items. Found items are sent to a central location in alabama . Item descriptions are loaded into a computer system.. passengers file lost item reports, and those are loaded into the same computer system. Then an attempt is made to match found items with those that are reported lost. The process can take up to 30 days.


Lots of ,  but not all,, items are returned to there owners. Providing a complete description, including serial number, on the lost item report dramatically improves the likelihood that a lost item will be returned.


Hopefully , yours will be


Re: Left Sony Camara on Flight 4/19/2021 PDX to Denver

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Try returning to the airport to see if the ground crew has it. If not, DM them on social media with a description and see if they can track it down for you. Best of luck!

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