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Left wallet in seat pocket on plane Sunday June 25

Explorer C

I left my wallet in the front seat pocket on a recent flight and didn't realize it until later.  I flew from Indianapolis to Chicago MDW on Sunday June 25 (Flight #635).  The flight was a stopover, ending in Manchester.  As I was deboarding the plane, I remember the flight staff going through rows, checkin seat pockets and gathering trash (Unfortunately, that did not trigger my memory that my wallet was still in the seat pocket!).  When I realized what I had done, I went online and filed a report: "Southwest Airlines Lost Item Report Number 1224013."  After doing so, I waited another day without any response so I called a main number for lost items and she gave me a direct number to Midway and Manchester baggage services offices.  I called Midway, left a message... then called Manchester and someone answered.  She was so nice and looked immediately in one place, then asked if she could call me back because she wanted to check another location (cleaning crew lost items bin).  She called me back within 15 minutes, no wallet, so I assume it was taken off the plane in Chicago.  I've called Southwest Chicago MDW baggage services and have left at least 4 messages now - no call back.  I'm really frustrated and don't know what to do to actually talk to a person at MDW that is willing to help me!  I don't live close to MDW so it's not easy to just stop by and walk in to their offices.   Does anyone have any tips on what to do next?