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Live Review Baltimore to Fort lauderdale experience

Explorer C

Southwest customer service,

August 04, 2022


Your team brags about a great customer service and i want you to learn about a terrible experience with your flights.


I made a reservation from BWI to FLL for 08/04/2022 at 8:20 pm and planned my connecting tickets accordingly. On the date of travel i got a notification that my flight was cancelled and i was automatically assinged for a new flight for 08/06. I have to rush and make a change to the flight and pick another flight on the same day on 08/04 for 09:55 pm. Arrived at airport on time and when the time is close to boarding we heard that the crew didnt arrive. Waited until 10:40 and when the crew came in we were boarded to the flight. After everyone is boarded the crew announced that the pilot of the flight is running late and he will be there shortly. The crew didnt even know where the pilot was and they were so confused. This is a live review and around midnight now and no one is here yet. At the time of writing it is past midnight already. Technically the flight that i rebooked after earlier cancellation is delayed by 2+ hours already.


Worst experience and i would think twice before flying southwest again.There are choices when you fly,  next time we fly, we will be looking into some of those different choices!




Re: Live Review Baltimore to Fort lauderdale experience

Aviator A

Feel free to send your comments directly to Southwest. Use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message.



Re: Live Review Baltimore to Fort lauderdale experience

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that this happened to you.


The unfortunate reality is this type of thing happens every single day on just about every single airline.


Fly the other guys longenough, and you will find that out.

Re: Live Review Baltimore to Fort lauderdale experience

Frequent Flyer C

Apologies to hear about that experience! If the delay exceeds three hours, contact Customer Service (or keep an eye on your inbox) for a gesture of goodwill.