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Look for good, you'll find good.

Explorer C

Yes, bad things happened over the 2022 Holiday season. People got delayed and missed family time. Could Southwest have done better? Yes, they admitted. 


On the other hand, I saw good people helping others. Might have been some Stockholm Syndrome, but they pulled together. Southwest front line employees, flight staff, back office, baggage handlers, mechanics all tried their best to help. The cold weather froze planes and delayed departures.  From Santa to humor, SWA employees did their best. Don't take out your frustrations on them. 


It seems to be a very complex situation to run an airline. Planes need maintenance at certain number of running hours, pilots and flight attendants can only work so many hours due to federal regulations and labor contracts.  Weather and traffic delays can happen at any time.  Let's show some comprehension and maybe some compassion for those that did their best to make the best of a bad situation. 


Nobody loads planes faster than Southwest. I have flown millions of miles in my working career and only on Southwest have I laughed during the pre-flight ritual the attendants must recite. 


Bags flying free is still the best policy. Point-to-point still saves us time when we fly. Even if I have to 2-hop to get somewhere, oftentimes it is still better than over-flying with hub and spoke airlines or getting stuck in a remote airport for hours waiting for a connection. 


So let's stay positive. They have recognized the problem(s) and have promised to recover and rebuild. Companies make mistakes, just like people do. It is how we act after our mistakes that defines us and shows the world our true character. Same with a business.  The Southwest we know and luv will come back better and stronger than ever.


I'm going to give them another chance soon. I hope you do, too.  I can't wait for the next bag of snacks!  ... well, maybe I can... OK, honestly, I wish they would bring back the peanuts!  



PS: no, I am not an employee. 

PSS: I am sorry if you were disrupted over the Holiday season, but please don't post negative comments. If you look for good, you will find good. If you look for bad, you will find bad. Let's forgive and move on. 

Negative comments will just be ignored with a prayer for your peace. 



Re: Look for good, you'll find good.

Aviator A

Thanks for the positive attitude and reminders!



Re: Look for good, you'll find good.

Aviator C

I've tried to stay positive often in this forum, but have posted harsh comments, rarely at SWA, but at those with nothing to do but be negative.  Yes, this was a big letdown by SWA, but as you noted, they owned it.  For me, I took all the warnings to heart and cancelled anything booked after Dec 10th and banked my flights for another day.  (A great SWA perk)  Thanks for posting.  

Re: Look for good, you'll find good.

Adventurer B

Well said, and exactly my attitude during the disruption. Was it a bit of a disappointment? Yes, but not the end of the world and we planned alternate activities at home instead of in FL. It was all good.


In return, Southwest rescheduled my travel to January with no change fees, extended my companion pass (which should have expired because I didn't get that last end-of-year flight in) so that my companion could fly with me, and they gave me 50,000 points (already deposited in my account). Totally unexpected, what's not to like?


Thanks again Southwest, I appreciate everything you do to make things right under difficult circumstances.


-Will (where there's a will there's away)

- Will (where there's a will there's a way)