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Los a Handheld Gaming Device on Plane

Explorer C

I was returning home to LAX from Denver this afternoon. Got home only to realize I accidentally left my Nintendo switch and all of its games on the plane. The plane departed from LAX to Chicago, and the console had not been returned to the gate at the time I called. I’ve placed a lost item claim in on the website with the console’s serial number included and as much detail as I could provide. There’s a lot of valuable and meaningful items in that Switch case I really don’t want to lose. I’m hoping Southwest is able to help me recover everything. 


Re: Los a Handheld Gaming Device on Plane

Aviator A

Assuming someone other that SW did not pick up your item, then you have done all you can do to increase the odds the item will be returned to you. Including the serial number is normally the #1 thing you can do.


The process can take up to 30 days.


I hope you get the item back.