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Lost Anker charger on flight!

Explorer C

Left my black portable Anker phone charger on my flight today (3/4) from SRQ to DCA. Does Southwest ever find these things?! I feel like barring a passenger stealing it, there is no excuse for the airline not to get this item back to its owner. I filled out a report just now - realistically can I expect to get my item back? I will also be flying back to SRQ on Sunday, would it still be on the plane with the staff or do they turn it in to some sort of lost and found department?


Re: Lost Anker charger on flight!

Aviator A

No excuse for the airline not to get this item back to you????  Seriously???

Airlines are focused on getting travelers from one place to another safely.  Dealing with a very large number of lost items is not their priority (nor should it be) and any effort put towards reuniting lost items with their owners is generous if you ask me.  I also imagine you have no idea the sheer number of lost items get reported.  Items are sent to a central processing location and then reunited with owners when possible.  Best case scenario is you have unique identifying information such as a serial number for the item.  In this case I would be stunned if you received it back and it would be several weeks if you did.  Do you not realize how many planes Southwest currently has and how small of a chance you have to fly the exact same plane for your return flight?  Safe yourself the agony and just go buy another charger.



Re: Lost Anker charger on flight!

Frequent Flyer B

if u have flight number and seat could help find exact plane