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Lost Baggage Fiasco

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Took a non- stop flight Denver to Oakland on 4/29/19. Arrived in Oakland about 15 minutes late and waited at baggage claim- and waited and waited. No bags! Went to baggage service counter and was told that the belt was jammed and I should go back out to the carousel and keep waiting, which I did. Turns out that was a lie the agent told to customers just to get them out of her line- there was no jammed belt. I waited and waited, filled out a form about lost baggage- which does nothing. Kept waiting and bags finally arrived on the next incoming flight from Denver. There was so much time spent waiting and listening to Southwest employers make up excuses and stories that by the time I got to the rental car center it was closed! I am now in a rental car, stranded and trapped and cannot leave the parking lot until it opens in 4 1/2 hours. I will be camping and sleeping in a rental car tonight all because of incompetent and unprofessional southwest employees and lost luggage ona non- stop flight Denver -Oakland. No apologies, no compensation, just lies and excuses.


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We're so sorry to hear this. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we aren't equipped to assist you and encourage you to contact us via the options in the link below. We know we can provide a better experience in the future. 


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