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Lost Cell Phone Returned!

Explorer C

Fifteen minutes before we were to start boarding at RDU heading for Louisville, I couldn't find my phone.  Camille was at Gate A8 and was soooo very willing to assist in my effort to find the silly thing and provided hers for the ensuing calls and texts ... but alas, it could not be found.  Yet. 


After snagging seat 1D, my seatmate in 1E and the (also extremely helpful) flight attendant assisted in my efforts.


Bottom line, once our son 'Panic Pinged' my phone, someone eventually picked it up and our son directed them to Gate A8 where he spoke with Camille who was, again, very willing to drop it into the local UPS box on her way home (that was on a Friday, but UPS didn't pick up at that box until Monday, but I got it first thing Tuesday morning!)


And although there's no longer a Southwest magazine, I wanted to make a special effort to find a way to give a shout out to Camille and the only company I know of with such caring and genuinely LUV-ing Employees.  ThangkewSoMuch!


Re: Lost Cell Phone Returned!

Aviator A

That's great!  It would be nice if you would share the story directly with Southwest so they can recognize the employees involved.  Use the contact us link below to send a message and include all the details.



Re: Lost Cell Phone Returned!

Aviator A

That is great news!


There is a way to see that Camille gets a bit of recognition from Southwest..


Let Southwest know by click on "contact us" below and tell your story. Be sure to mention date of travel, airport, gate, and   flight number. With that information, Southwest should be able to figure out who Camille is