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Lost Laptop DAL

Explorer C

Hello! I left my laptop in the overhead bin. Our first flight was delayed so we were rushing off to meet our connecting flight, which we still missed. In the midst of the chaos, I left my laptop. It was on flight 4639 at Dallas Love Field airport. We were traveling from Tampa on January 5th. The laptop is in a black case with pink and white flowers on it. I would really love to get it back. I am a Kindergarten teacher and it's the only way I can teach my virtual students. I have already filled out a claim and went directly to lost and found baggage services once I realized. No one has been very helpful. I have attached a photo below. Please help! 




Re: Lost Laptop DAL

Aviator A

No one here will be able to help you with this, filing a claim is the best thing you can do.  Hopefully you were able to include details such as the serial number that would help identify it.  These things do often take weeks to get sorted out though so you will need to be patient.