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Lost Nintendo Switch

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Hello, I'm really hoping for a win here. July 20, 2022, our flight  from Fort Lauderdale to sweet home Chicago (MIdway) One of my 4yr old twin boys  had misplaced their shared Nintendo Switch.It was a late  flight so both were exhausted as well as myself. It's All black with a Mario case. The case had three games in it.  This switch is about 2years old. Their older brother (previous owner) had put so much money into it. They don't have iPads or kindle. It was left underneath seat, about 6 rows from back on right side of facing the back of airplane. Please please and I know it's a long shot. Would anyone inform me of lost Nintendo Switch. I'm able to give a reward of $150. Please contact me I'm willing to meet. My twins are devastated. I'm going crazy along with them. No way I can afford a new one. Those games are costly too. Thank you so much.     Momof4. Lost Switch


Re: Lost Nintendo Switch

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Did you submit a lost item report?


Include as much unique identifying information as possible including serial number and list any stickers or things that might make it different.