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Lost Passport & US Visa

Explorer C



I was traveling from El Paso to Phoenix after completing my internship on August 12, 2021 (525 - Flight Number). I lost my after boarding the aircraft on the airplane, I filed a report with the Southwest Lost & Found team. This was my first time flying SW & I've had the worst experience the Lost & Found team. 


I'm really depressed with my current situation as this is my last semester and will graduating soon. Without a Passport & a US F1 student Visa I don't have any identification. Is there any way I can speak with Lost and Found team to expidite the process??


Re: Lost Passport & US Visa

Aviator A

Due to the high number of lost items it's most likely not possible for that team to speak to each individual who has a claim. You could Contact Customer Relations but I wouldn't expect that to be a magical cure.  And that's not knocking anyone, it's just not realistic to expect personal service for a lost item. Good luck 



Re: Lost Passport & US Visa

Explorer C

Sorry that happened to you. It might be a long shot, but you normally get an email for satisfaction survey after your flight. You might can also mention that there and possibly include your email for them to reach back out to you. Call all the phone numbers for Southwest assistance. Good Luck!

Re: Lost Passport & US Visa

Aviator A

If you lost the passport on a plane and you filed a lost passport report with Southwest, it will probably show up.


Things that don't get returned are items   that the airline cannot definitively tie to   specific People. Since your passport shows your name, your passport would not fit that definition.


The process can take up to 30 days.