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Lost baggage

Explorer C

Hello. I flew Southwest yesterday, from Minneapolis to Denver. There were 32 people on the flight. I have a checked bag I had to make a claim for. The reason I was traveling was for my Grandpa's funeral in Wisconsin and the bag that was lost was one of his and included books from my Dad's childhood and other mementos from my Grandpa's house, in addition to items that are replaceable (toiletries).  I'm wondering if anyone has had an experience with a lost bag and the likelihood of it being found. This bag is important to me and I'm really hoping it will be located, as most things of the items and the bag can't be replaced.  Thank you for your time.


Re: Lost baggage

Aviator A

Most bags are reunited with their owners. I hope that is your end result.


I hope you had name/address/phone ID both inside and outside your bag.


SW has an online bag tracker. If you use it, you should be able to see the last place your bag was scanned by the airlne.

Re: Lost baggage

Aviator A

I'm sorry to hear of the circumstances - hopefully the bag shows up soon.


As @dfwskier mentioned you can use the baggage tracker to see the last position.


Then also make sure you did this online report of course I'm sure you did but I wanted to verify:

Southwest Airlines | BSO Home (



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