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Lost my wallet on 4/23 on Flight 5457 from Albuquerque to Houston

Explorer C

I lost my wallet on 4/23 on a flight from Albuquerque to Houston and filed a report on the lost item on the appropriate Southwest website page.  I had given up hope on recovering the wallet when out of the blue on 4/25, I received a call from Linda in "lost and found" in Burbank, California.  She had noticed an article in the "lost and found" lock up box which matched my description of my lost wallet. 


After our discussion, I sent her the info required to over-night the wallet to me via FedEx, and it is on its way to me.


I want to praise Linda for connecting the dots and for her wonderful service.  First off, Linda, sitting in Burbank, read my report and did not blow it off.  Secondly, Linda remembered the description of the wallet.  Thirdly, she combed her memory to see if she remembered seeing such an item in the "lost and found" area in Burbank.  Fourthly, Linda thought she had and opened the "lost and found" box to see if the wallet was there.  Fifth, even though it was not readily visible, Linda dug around and found it. 


It took caring, a good memory, and determination to find my wallet.  Not everyone would have gone to such lengths to espy it.  I hope that Southwest will keep that in mind when it appraises Linda's work and contributions to the company. I can't thank Linda enough.


Re: Lost my wallet on 4/23 on Flight 5457 from Albuquerque to Houston

Adventurer C

Congrats on getting your wallet back! This is a customer forum so I encourage you to forward your Compliment to Southwest at the link below to recognize the employee.


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